Home Watch

‘The Big brother of home MONITORING’


Wherever you are in the world, wouldn’t it be comforting to know you can check in on your home or business, anytime of the day or night.

Our ‘Home Watch’ application delivers that luxury to you.  Combining internet connected cameras, sensors, switches and controls into a friendly App for the iPhone  or iPad.   Ready to use at any time, and no extra charges.


ioBridge, Apple iPhone, OSX, Y-Cam, Axis, Foscam, TED 5000  are trademarks of the respective organisations

Monitoring, Security and Automation 
for Business & Home.
  1. Bullet Live Temperature readings.

  2. Bullet Network Cameras for live video.

  3. Bullet X10 for remote appliance control.

  4. Bullet Electrical usage monitoring.

  5. Bullet Humidity monitoring.

  6. Bullet Historical Data Graphs.

  7. Bullet Customizable Zones and interface.

  1. Bullet ioBridge monitoring and control.

  2. Bullet Y-Cam, Axis 207 and Foscam Cameras.

  3. Bullet Quick Config Search for local cameras.

  4. Bullet TED 5000 electrical monitoring.

  5. Bullet iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

  6. Bullet Landscape Video and Gesture support.

  7. Bullet Ad Free & No monthly charges.

  8. Bullet Free updates and Universal App.

  9. Bullet Mature product, now at Version 4.4

  10. Bullet Trusted company with good support.